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  • Environment
  •  Hunger
  •  Vision    
  •  Children’s Cancer
  • Diabetes

District Governor

Collette A Sorgel (David)

Home Club - Three Lakes

6463 Cedar Crest Ln

Three Lakes, WI  54562

(H) 715-477-0001

(Cell) 608-516-1831


Cabinet Secretary

Patty Krug (Greg)

Home Club – Whittlesey

N4955 Ballpark Dr
Medford, WI 54451-9489

Cabinet Treasurer


Scott D Martin (Maureen)

Home Club - Tomahawk

417 E Lincoln St

Tomahawk, WI  54487


Immediate Past District Governor

Ron Behm (Gail)
Home Club - Gleason
W1964 2nd St

Gleason, WI  54435

Affiliate District President (Lioness)

Hope Dougherty

Home Club – Manitowish Waters



Lions Clubs International


District Governor Collette A. Sorgel

The new Lions year 2018/19 is the year of pronouncing Lions Clubs International (LCI) commitment with a “Lions Forward” proclamation. Noting the four areas of focus & strategic Initiatives, which will drive my term as your District Governor. I wish with assistance of the District Cabinet to relate all 4 initiatives to enhance the governance of our 44 Lions clubs, 3 LEO clubs and 10 Lioness clubs. Through heightened communication using electronic avenues and social media, we can enhance service by adding members, improve visibility with new marketing ideas, pursue club excellence by recognizing club accomplishments and expand value of members by listening to your voice.

Let’s have a great Lions year, DG Collette

C2 county.gifFacts & Figures July 1, 2018


                47,805 Clubs - 1,452,531

Wisconsin Multiple District 27                     526 Clubs - 17,701

MD27-C2             42 Lions Clubs - 1413

                                10 Lioness Clubs – 356

                                3 LEO Clubs - 30

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Description generated with high confidence1st MD27-C2 Cabinet Meeting “Everyone Welcome”

Sunday, January 20, 2019 – 1:00 PM

Location – Lac du Flambeau Ctn.


PO Box 223


Manitowish Waters WI 54545



2nd Vice District Governor – Mary Ann Gretenhardt

Home Club – Gleason & Area

715- 873- 4691


Lions Clubs International - “Lions Forward” 4 Areas of Focus & Strategic Initiatives

            Enhance Service Impact & Focus

The number of people in need served by a Lions Club - the visually impaired, people with disabilities, people needing urgent assistance and often life-changing medical assistance - has increased sharply (by four-fold) since 2010-11 and is increasing every year.

            Reshape Public Opinion & Improve Visibility

The need for voluntary humanitarian service is higher than ever as a result, and we need to remind society of our impact, and what communities could be like without a Lions Club, and what people united in service can do to meet rising needs and build communities of hope and resiliency.

            Pursue Club, District & Organizational Excellence

We are today the largest voluntary service organization in the world. Continuing to innovate in services to Lions clubs and districts, including further harnessing technology advances, will be essential to our second century of success and expanding our humanitarian service.

            Improve Membership Value & Reach New Markets

People have more choices today to serve and give back to their community/people in need. We need to continue promoting new ways for caring people to be involved in our service and provide options for service engagement which are flexible and mesh with today's busy lifestyles. We will continue to welcome people of all ages, genders, races, and faiths into our movement.


Here comes the Governor – As your District Governor, I would like to attend your club meeting, event or project in the coming year. Please contact me and advise of type of gathering, date, time and a GPS address. I can induct officers or new members, present awards/pins/chevrons, and/or give insights of Lions Clubs International, District and State leadership direction for your club’s benefit. As a special incentive each club I visit noting when you send 3 Lions/Lioness or LEO members to the District Convention shall receive a personalize Lions club banner for displaying at your club’s events.

For your information following is a link to Lions protocol for DG visits and much more.


Special request to District & Club officers -  please create a personalized Lions “email signature” to be added to all your Lions communication. Its free marketing and a great way to spread the word of your Lions projects, events, and charities! You can Google for instructions by searching “How to Create Email Signatures. Marketing our Lions through email signatures is also a great way to nurture electronic communication avenues. Email marketing is a critical tool for member retention.

Roaring Advantages:

  • Adds a certain level of professionalism to each outgoing email - It’s Free marketing
  • Helps make you a more effective online communicator - It’s Free marketing
  • Helps readers better understand who you are     - It’s Free marketing

Club Treasurers please note following is your club contributions information for the C2 District programs.




Send Contribution to: (for accounting purposes)


District 27-C2 - Cabinet Treasurer Scott Martin (Home Club – Tomahawk)

417 E Lincoln Ave.

Tomahawk, WI 54487                   (Tel) 715-453-7341      (Email)


Make check payable to: District 27-C2. In the memo portion of the check, please indicate name of project (separate checks)



Multiple District 27-C2 District Programs


  1. Diabetes Awareness                                               - (Send to District Treasurer)
  2. Hearing Aids                                                                - (Send to District Treasurer)
  3. Vision Screening – Children’s & Adult Vision - (Send to District Treasurer)
  1. Wisconsin Lions Missions                                     - (Send to District Treasurer)
  2. Youth Exchange                                                        - (Send to District Treasurer)

DUES – District membership

District 27-C2 dues for 2018-2019

$6.00 per year per member.

C2 Bonding Insurance for 2018-2019


Programs & Projects

International – State - District


Lions Clubs International (LCI)

Area of Greatest Need

Measles Program

Disaster Relief

Sight Programs

In Honor/In Memory


Multiple District 27-C2 Programs

Diabetes Awareness

Hearing Aids

Vision Screening - Children & Adult

Wisconsin Lions Missions

Youth Exchange


Wisconsin Lions Foundation Inc (WLF)

     Community Diabetics Education Project

     Wisconsin Lions Eye Glass Recycling Center

     Hearing Aid Program

     Vision Screening (Adult & Children)

     Wisconsin Lions Camp

     Youth Projects



Frequently Asked Questions

WHY? The Lions Club International (LCI) at its Centennial meeting announced the “Pediatric (Childhood) Cancer Initiative” in July of 2017. This is the FIFTH major Initiative of LCI (Others are Vision, Hunger, Environment, and Diabetes). FACTS: Every TWO minutes in our world a child is diagnosed with cancer. Every school day 36 classrooms full of children are diagnosed with cancer. An estimated 15.800 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer each year, or 43 children per day. The average age of a child with cancer is six (6) years. It is the LEADING cause of death in children in the US. Children’s cancer is unique and is NOT the same disease as in adults, as they have different biology and are more aggressive. The survival rates for childhood cancer has improved from 20% to 80% over the past 40 years. Yet many childhood cancers are not treatable with traditional treatment. “Cellular therapies”, are personalized treatment cutting-edge treatment for cancer, where the patient’s own blood is taken and using a specialized equipment, the T cells are sorted and genetically modified to become “Cancer Killing Cells “and reinjected/transplanted to the person with cancer”. A key piece of equipment in this process is the “Flow Cytometer”. When these “turbo-charged ninja T cells” are given back to the patient, they attack the cancer cells leaving normal cells alone. The MCW had a FIRST potential CURE reported in February of 2018. The MCW Blood and Marrow Transplant team will begin treating children with cancer this fall.

WHAT? The MD 27 Lions submitted a LCIF Humanitarian Grant on January 26th. 2018, The GRANT is to: “Help Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) in Milwaukee purchase critical equipment, a “FLOW CYTOMETER” for improving the care of Children with Cancer in Wisconsin”. This equipment, MACQSQuant analyzer costs $201,025. The LCIF GRANT is for $100,000. It was submitted on January 26th. 2018. The GRANT was approved on May 14th. 2018. The MD27 Lions, have from June 1st. 2018 to December 31st. 2018 to raise our matching $100,000. The Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC FUND) is our PARTNER in this Grant. They will provide publicity, awareness, media and the $1025. Once we have raised our portion, LCIF will release their funds and then we can obtain the Equipment for CHW/MCW in early 2019.

WHERE? The equipment (Flow Cytometer) will be given to the MCW Cell Therapy Laboratory,  headed by Bryon Johnson, PhD., a leader in Pediatric Oncology. (Our plans are to do similar projects all over the state each year, to help facilities treating childhood cancer at other cancer treatment centers).

WHEN?  The sooner we can get your contributions, the better. Each club can donate what is possible. Some clubs have pledged $2000 or more. You can have a fundraiser specifically for this project (The Port Washington Lions had a Bier Garden in early May and raised $2400 towards childhood cancer).

HOW? Lion Chuck Steinmetz, the current Council Chair, is the Administrator of the Grant. Please send your checks to the location indicated in the solicitation letter that you will receive soon. Lion SRI is available to make presentation at your club meetings and conventions as mutually worked out.

Contact: LION SRI Vasudevan, Project Chairperson of the LCIF Grant-; Phone # (414)-232-7772